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Chat text or voice with the Loveline Video Messenger and view as many videos as your computer can handle, or simply one in fullscreen. In chat rooms, feel free to jump on stage with your video and talk or sing to the entire room. When receiving a video call, you may view the profile of the caller to help decide whether or not to accept the call. May embed MySpace, YouTube, Yahoo or Google video into profile.

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The Loveline Video Messenger allows you to view & listen to as many videos as your computer & Internet connection can handle. While viewing videos, you may Mute or Listen to who you want when you want. Enter public rooms or create a private room. When receiving an Audio/Video call, you are provided with a photo and access to the profile of the person calling--to help you decide to accept the call. The "Viewing" list keeps track of everyone viewing your video, and you may stop broadcasting to anyone you want anytime you want. In addition to speaking to an entire chat room, users requesting to do so, jump on the stage and broadcast their video to everyone therein as well. Every room has a stage! Create & Upload photos & Video to your Profile. Use the Video DJ to broadcast your files and/or stream those from other Video DJs. A Video Helper is available for many tasks. Amazing full-screen video calls.

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